Illuminate Lightbulb

Abstract colourful open books are arranged to create beams of illuminating light rays with the impression of a lightbulb created in the middle. The design represents knowledge, educate, insight and …

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The Book Room

Clean, modern geometrical library book themed logo design featuring a simple rendering of stacked books that create the impression of a single room/building. Simple door and window elements create the …


Bibliotech Digital Library

Digital technology logo design of an open paged book. The pages of the book are design with clean geometrical shapes and digital pixels extending from the book to represent the …

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Whoo Rank

Cute friendly illustrative logo design of an owl holding a graph chart. (owl, books, student, school, map, success, presentation, template, data, creative, illustration, chart, research, smart, education, information, financial, communication, …

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Reach Yough Learning

Simple stylized figure created with a single swirling line. This aspiring figure is reaching upward holding a book in hand. (learn, educate, education, bright, books, learning, school, daycare, library, grow, …


Orchard Learning

Educational learning tree with a young kid representing the trunk of the tree reading a book. Green leaves grow around the kid with several apples growing in the tree (book, …


Dinosaur Learning

Fun, whimsical and stylized dinosaur with colorful polk dot spots standing on a simple book. (Joy, teaching, learning, grow, vibrant, children, creative, play, dino, dinosaur, extinct, jurassic, reptile, spots, reading, …


Antique Store

Simple design of vintage antique furnisher pieces. (store, vintage, books, furniture, retro, lamp, clock, vase, jewellery box, objects, decor, interior design, dresser, storage, ornate, antiques, antique) Created: 02/10/2014


Up Lift Learning Ladder

Educational learning tree with a ladder representing the trunk of the tree. Bright leaves flourish. (book club, tree, read, reading learn, learning, ligature, study, daycare, school, book, books, leaf, tree, …