Diamond Dental

Modern and classy dental diamond themed logo that uniquely combines a diamond design with a dental molar tooth designed within the shape of the diamond. (tooth, dentist, dental, dent, smile, …


Diamond Construction

Bold, modern and masculine construction building theme logo design. The design features the frameworks of a diamond shape created to represent the framework of a building/construction building project. The impression …


Rhombus Jewelry

Elegant and abstract diamond jewelry logo design. Clean looping lines are used to create the impression of this sophisticated and luxurious sparking diamond logo. (diamond, design, jewelry, premium, quality, jewelry, …


Bijoux Collection

Sophisticated and classy pearl jewellery logo design. Intricate swirling and looping patterns creates a circular frame design that represents a necklace, bracelet or ring. The frame artwork is adorn with …


Imperial Wellness

This unique bold and royal design of a crown. The crown shape and design are created with three stylized female figures. Their figure’s hands are in a upward position to …

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Blue Diamond

Unique diamond inspired shapes, create a multidimensional look. (diamond, jewel, crystal, emerald, round, shape, gem, stone, precious, wealth, treasure, shiny, reflection, gemstone, sparkle, jewelry, circle, luxury, hexagon, ruby, brilliant, rock) …

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Jewel Bloom

Jewel inspired tree design with diamond shapes creating a multidimensional look. (jewellery, gem, stone, gemstone, metallic, jewel, crystal, precious, elegant, modern, art, design, spa, salon, \luxury, romance, ring, marriage, royal, …


Key Fly Butterfly

Florishing design of a skeleton key. The top of the key is designed to resemble a butterfly. (key, lock, open, door, opener, padlock, victorian, passkey, decoration, secure, steel, ornament, privacy, …


Royal Crown Properties

Regal, modern & clean logo design of a crown design that’s created with stylized, geometric buildings. The buildings are positioned to create a 3D style crown. (crown, king, queen, princess, …

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