Bijoux Jewellery Company Logo for Sale

Sophisticated and classy pearl jewellery logo design. Intricate swirling and looping patterns creates a circular frame design that represents a necklace, bracelet or ring. The frame artwork is adorn with pearls that are incased in the swirling jewellery pattern. Add class and style to your brand with this glamorous logo. (pearl, glamour, border, pattern, glitter, shine, sparkle, decoration, bride, expensive, damask, jewelry, bead, luxury, treasure, jewelery, decor, feminine, necklace, elegant, decorative, shiny, retro, frame, collection, gem, pure, romantic, elegance, vintage, beautiful, royal, seamless, baroque, jewel, gemstone, accessory, wedding, jeweller, floral, deco, wealth, elegant, victorian, ornamental, round, renaissance, ornate, baroque, fashioned, vignette, classic, invitation, stylish, antique, pattern)

Created: 11/19/2015