Diamond Building Contractor Construction Logo For Sale

Bold, modern and masculine construction building theme logo design. The design features the frameworks of a diamond shape created to represent the framework of a building/construction building project. The impression of commercial buildings and residential homes are seamless incorporated to create the overall shape and formation of the diamond shape. (house, framework, home, architecture, beam, board, built, business, carpentry, construction, develop, development, engineering, exterior, frame, housing, industrial, industry, lumber, occupation, outdoor, plank, plywood, project, property, real estate, remodel, renovation, contractor, residence, residential, commercial, skyscraper, roof, window, structure, timber, high-rise, wireframe, steelwork, construct, diamond, brilliant, crystal, jewel, linear, bold, modern, minimalistic, gemstone, luxury, simple, treasure, precious, line, line-drawn)

Created: 09/13/2018