Couturier Tailor

Classic Vintage tailor themed logo design. This tailor logo is designed in a crest/emblem, featuring two sewing needles with stylish looking thread that creates a unique boarder frame around the …

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Pocket Tools Nerd

Cute funny nerd character logo. The nerd’s face is designed to give the impression of a blue pocket filled with various tools such as screw driver, gear, wrench and pencil. …

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Crafty Sewing

Whimsical sewing needle with the a swirling thread looping around the sewing needle. The thread is created to resemble a natural vine with growing leaves and blooming buttons.(pin, handmade, thread, …

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Sewing And Stitching

Cute button tree with the sewing needle creating the trunk of the tree and a thread wrapping through and around the needle/tree. (buttons, clothing, fashion, tailor, sew, dressmaking, vintage, beautiful, …

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Needle and Thread

Vintage stylized sewing machine with natural leaf pattern created with in the white space. A single thread flows away from the desing. (clothing, freehand, craft, homemade, graphic, thread, retro, stitch, …

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Knit Stitch Girl

Cute little girl with her hair style designed to look like spun yarn & wool, with two sewing needles placed in the girl’s hair. (girl, girly, knit, knitting, yarn, wool, …

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