Custom Tailoring Vintage Crest Logo For Sale

Classic Vintage tailor themed logo design. This tailor logo is designed in a crest/emblem, featuring two sewing needles with stylish looking thread that creates a unique boarder frame around the logo. A sewing thimble and buttons embellish this stylish logo with a placement for monogram letters. (fashion, tailor, needle, thread, badge, pin, sewing, vintage, antique, traditional, clothes, craft, custom, design, elegant, emblem, fabrics, handcrafted, homemade, industry, knitting, machine, material, monochrome, needlecraft, needlework, old, retro, seal, sew, shop, spool, stitch, tailoring, textile, tools, workshop, semesters, seamstress, sophisticated, whimsical, stylized, monogram, letters, button, buttons, threading, fashion designer, business)

Created: 05/02/2017