AI Bot

Simple, bold and happy robot artificial intelligent robot character logo design. The design features the head of a smiling happy robot mascot with an antenna. (robot, icon, bot, chatbot, chat, …

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Mind Cluster

Bold, modern and colorful abstract brain mind logo created with various squares, boxes and pixels that are clustered together to create the impression of an abstract brain. (brain, mind, smart, …


Rocket Apps

Fun, bold modern logo design of a space rocket designed to also resemble a smart phone. The Smartphone/rocket is launching into space, with bright abstract stars added in the sky. …


Brain Wired

Modern, bold and colourful brain themed logo design featuring an abstract brain designed with a wirelike line that interweaves to create the brain image design. The brain design is divided …


Ape VR

Unique, fund and bold ape gorilla animal gaming themed logo design featuring a simple and bold design of an ape’s head wearing a virtual reality VR headset. Simple gaming plus …

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i Drone

Flying drone logo design featuring a modern and stylized drone designed in a 3D style. Simple disk-like shapes representing the spinning drone propellers. A large seeing eye is placed in …


AirBorn Drone

Sleek, clean and modern drone themed logo design. The design features a simple, abstract representation of a flying drone with a single eye in the middle of the drone to …


Royal Crown Circuit

Clean, simple and modern technology computer circuit logo design with the circuit board connectors and lines creating a design of a royal crown. (circuit, board, tech, technology, microchip, motherboard, data, …

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Modern geometrical line drawn logo design featuring an abstract continuous line design that creates this interconnecting overlapping box design. The design represents data flow, connectivity, communication and technology. (framework, geometry, …