Rocket Spaceship Smart Phone Apps Logo

Fun, bold modern logo design of a space rocket designed to also resemble a smart phone. The Smartphone/rocket is launching into space, with bright abstract stars added in the sky. (rocket, spaceship, rocketship, launch, spacecraft, shuttle, science, ship, space, take-off, takeoff, technology, travel, app, icon, mobile, application, phone, interface, app button, app icon, button, fun, modern, colourful, smart, tablet, trendy, web, soar, blastoff, exploration. explore, communication, device, smartphone, social media, galaxy, pixels, engine, clouds, education, training, learning, education, bold, youthful, orbit, futuristic, flight, fly, vehicle, burst, multicolor, studio, animation, bullet, media, vibrant, skyrocket, technology, astro, astronaut, space man, shuttle, tech)

Created: 04/15/2018