Cactus Arizona Building

Unique, bold and modern construction themed logo design featuring a unique cactus that’s designed to look like cityscape and real estate construction buildings that create the formation of the cactus …

Logo Sold

Downtown Dental

Dental logo design featuring a dental molar tooth shape with a colorful and vibrant city scenery featuring homes, the business distinct, community, parks & bridge all combined together to capture …

Logo Sold

Burger Stacks

Clean and modern burger logo design with the all of the hamburger elements and ingredients separated in a tall deconstructed stack with a few of the toppings coloured to add …


Capital Height

Commercial city buildings designed in a linear 3D geometrical style with the three buildings stacked next to each other creating a staircase effect. The lines that create the buildings create …


Une Chatte

Unique concept that combines the eiffel tower and a cat. (eiffel, tower, fashion, french, France, travel, paris, destinations, landmark, culture, symbolic, history, tourist, illustration, tall, place, famous, ile-de-france, design, architecture, …


Wood Tree Homes

Tall arborvitae trees are arraigned together to create a house shape within the white space of the logo (tree, cypress, evergreen, cedar, coniferous, green, foliage, tall, tree, garden, forest, pine …