Cactus Arizona Building Logo Sold

Unique, bold and modern construction themed logo design featuring a unique cactus that’s designed to look like cityscape and real estate construction buildings that create the formation of the cactus plant. The shaft of the cactus design extends past the name creating a clean an compact and bold construction builders logo design. (cactus, clean, simple, modern, desert, plant, western, green, nature, design, abstract, building, business, window, glass, framework, tall, growth, panoramic, contemporary, realty, real estate, raised, angle, prosperity, construction, skyscraper, perspective, success, development, city, office, pattern, urbanization, megalopolis, apartment, perspective, framework, business, urban, estate, commercial, building, architecture, city, home, real, house, seamless, office, monument, cityscape, 3d, stairs, staircase, gold, luxury, hotel, developer, architect, architectural, construction, beams, property, properties, contemporary, perspective, office, Arizona, scaffolding, structure, builders, developer, development)

Created: 03/01/2018