I See You Chameleon

Modern, bold and abstract chameleon logo design featuring a unique and distinctive chameleon with the chameleon’s tail design to curl and transform into an eye design. The simple and bold …


Totality Solar Eclipse

Modern, vibrant and abstract visual interpretation of a total solar eclipse. This logo is inspired by the total solar eclipse event that took place on August 21, 2017. We incorporated …

Logo Sold

Curiosity Eye

Fun, explosive and vibrant eye logo design. The design of the eye is created with many different coloured exclamation points that create a bursting effect with a single eye in …

Logo Sold

Radiance Medical

Abstract, clean and modern sunshine logo design for sale. The design of the shinning sun is created with linear line segments that create the impression of this sun design. (sun, …


Radiant Dental

Dental practice logo design for sale. Colorful shades of green, yellow and blue representing rolling hills, sunrise, sky and clouds to create the impression of a dental tooth. A beautiful …

Logo Sold

Solange Sun

Beautiful luxury design of an abstract sun. The sun designs created with colorful flower petals that are designed to look like a golden royal crown in the shape of a …


Sunrise Healthy Eating

Bright and uplifting design of rising sun with the sun rays created with forks. (sun, rise, horizon, sunset, sunlight, shine, sunbeam, warm, spring, sunrise, yellow, bright, sunny, stream, summer, ray, …



Whimsical and modern design that uniquely combines a man on the moon and star together. The star shape is created within the white space with the hearts defining the star …