Radiant Dental Logo Sold

Dental practice logo design for sale. Colorful shades of green, yellow and blue representing rolling hills, sunrise, sky and clouds to create the impression of a dental tooth. A beautiful growing tree is emerging from the center of the tooth. (field, hills, rolling, green, background, sky, sun, blue, meadow, organic, horizon, day, cloud, grass, scene, rural, summer, spring, sunlight, sunny, sunshine, rays, illustration, pasture, country, lush, idyllic, tranquil, sunbeam, sunrise, bright, countryside, cloudy, scenic, dawn, beautiful, nature, landscape, tree, dental, dentist, tooth, medical, clinic, oral, whitening, clean, dentures, medicine, healthy, hospital, care, enamel, cavity, clinical, root, dent, mouth, dentistry, health, doctor, healthcare, freshness, orthodontics, radiant, grow, leaf, leaves)

Created: 01/22/2016