Modern, vibrant and abstract visual interpretation of a total solar eclipse. This logo is inspired by the total solar eclipse event that took place on August 21, 2017. We incorporated artistic brush strokes of various pinks, yellows and orange rays to represent the sun’s corona with the black circle in the middle representing the moon blocking the sun with only the light of the corona rays and aura glowing around the sun’s surface. The design creates a beautiful ambience of spirituality, celestial calmness and enlightenment. (eclipse, solar, total, totality, astronomy, aurora, beautiful, black, blaze, bright, vivid, brightness, brilliancy, corona, cosmic, cosmos, energy, event, flare, full, heat, illustration, light, lunar, moon, natural, phonon, nature, phenomenon, plant, space, solar system, rays, rays, ring, science, shadow, shining, space, sparkle, sphere, round, circle, starlight, sun, sunbeam, sunlight, universe, spa, retreat)

Created: 08/25/2017