Cygnus Swans

Beautiful flying swan birds designed in an elegant and soft style. The wings of the bird are created to look light and airy, which creates a tranquil and calm look. …

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Bold, abstract and modern design of a flamingo bird that’s designed to look like it’s constructed with colorful abstract flame elements that create a beautiful distinctive flamingo design. (flamingo, natural, …

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Natural Pregnancy

Beautiful stylized tree branch that creates the impression/outline of a woman pregnant body. simple heart shape leaves are added as well as a branch that creates a heart shape on …

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Special Delivery

Cute whimsical logo design of a stork bird flying to delivery the new born baby to its family. (animal, announcement, babies, beak, bird, birth, birthday, newborn, bundle, child, childbirth, childhood, …

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Natural Mother

Natural, whimsical and beautiful design of a pregnant woman that designed to look like a beautiful growing tree. The mother’s arms are designed to represent the tree branches, with blossoming …

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