Datafly Butterfly

Abstract bold and colorful logo design of an abstractly represented butterfly. The butterfly is created with multicolored box shapes (abstract, color, colorful, wings, shape, rainbow, modern, ribbon, butterfly, flying, monarch, …


Hummingbird Technologies

Modern technology hummingbird logo design for sale. The design features abstract technology data dot lines creating the shape of a hummingbird. A colorful gradation spectrum with blue, aqua, yellow, and …

Logo Sold

Illuminate Lightbulb

Abstract colourful open books are arranged to create beams of illuminating light rays with the impression of a lightbulb created in the middle. The design represents knowledge, educate, insight and …

Logo Sold

I See You Chameleon

Modern, bold and abstract chameleon logo design featuring a unique and distinctive chameleon with the chameleon’s tail design to curl and transform into an eye design. The simple and bold …



Bold and masculine cougar animal face logo design. The design of the cougar’s face is designed in an abstract stylized style with horizontal linear lines creating the impression the cougar’s …


Curiosity Eye

Fun, explosive and vibrant eye logo design. The design of the eye is created with many different coloured exclamation points that create a bursting effect with a single eye in …

Logo Sold

Gecko Art

Cute, bold and colorful gecko animal character logo design. The gecko is designed with a rainbow spectrum of the bright colors that curves around the gecko’s body to create a …

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Idea Mixer

Full abstract logo design with mixing and spinning colorful shapes that create the impression of a light bulb. (spiral, color, colorful, twist, concentric, vibrant, liquid, fluid, curl, blend, flow, spectrum, …


DJ Nerd

Bold techno DJ style nerd character face logo design. The nerd’s glasses are designed in a 3D dynamic style with the nerds hair represented by sound bar equalizers and sliders. …

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