Liquid Chat

Abstract chat bubble logo created with four irregular shaped communication speech bubbles that are posited together to create a circular shape. The liquid elements could also look like an abstract …


Prism Beauty

Winged Woman figure designed within a prism triangular shape in a sophisticated and elegant style. A flowing ribbon curves around the woman’s body. The entire design commands attention with this …


Love Circle

Colorful swirling hearts connect together to form a circular compact design. (heart, rainbow, love, spectrum, chain, circle, joined, multicolored, connection, color, colorful, connect, link, dating, romance, foundation, charity) Created: 02/21/2012


Nerd Shades

No nerd is complete without their cool nerd glasses! Bright and vibrate stripes, of blues, greens, yellow and orange colors fill the glass lenses to add an extra punch, bringing …


Spectrum Butterfly

Beautiful, simple and bold logo design of an abstractly represented butterfly. The butterfly is created with overlapping colors and shapes to create a unique look. (abstract, color, colorful, wings, shape, …

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Color Mix

Bright, colorful web 2.0 style logo. This is a modern design that incorporates 3D abstract elements in a spiraling star shape design. (star, design, glow, multicolored, colorful, interlocking, rainbow, prism, …


Martini City

Fun and energizing logo design featuring five martini glasses joined together to create a nightlife cityscape impression within the white space of this cool logo. (nightlife, cocktail bar, cocktail, bar, …


Heart Link

Clean, modern and abstract design of three colorful boxes that overlap and link together forming this unique and distinctive heart shape design. (heart, design, box, link, connection, connect, chain, spectrum, …

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Color Wave

Bright, colorful and modern design of a swirling wave style design composed of many colorful organic abstract elements. (abstract, art, bright, color, colorful, creative, curve, curvy, dynamic, fluid, geometric, glossy, …