Young Elbert Einstein

Fun, nerdy character designed to resemble Albert Einstein. The Albert Einstein character is designed within a circle crest with a light bulb placed over Einstein’s head and with various other …



Fun nerdy character designed to resemble Albert Einstein in the shape of a light bulb to represent ideas and smart inventions. (einstein, professor, albert, teacher, physicist, glasses, white hair, character, …

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Fasteners Solutions

Industrial fasteners logo design created with geometrical shapes that create an abstract design of a bolt/fastener. This bold logo design can also represent other industrial industries such as construction, fabrication, …

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Social people Cube

Several geometrical shapes representing connecting people. (Cube, abstract, 3D, three dimensional, design, compass, navigational, people, connect, community, network, geometric, block, box, building, concept, creativity, crowd, form, pattern, colorful, pieces, puzzle, …


Green Ideas

Stylized abstract light bulb design representative of a flower design. The lightbulbs each have a simple leaf contained within the lightbulb to represent an eco-freinly concept. (solar, panel, solar panel, …


Intelligence Eye

Single line creates a pathway/maze designed to resemble a eye shape. (vision, success, human, innovation, solving, labyrinth, guide, visualize, technology, mind, brain, management, guidance, solve, strategy, maze, solutions, aspirations, direction, …