Brain Tower

Brain themed logo design that uniquely combines a metro cityscape of skyscraper buildings to create the formation and shape of an abstract brain. The abstract brain design is divided into …


Second Floor Real Estate

Real estate logo design featuring a simple and clean design of a house roof. The roof is designed with two staircases. The angled staircases create the angled roof peak with …


Downtown Dental

Dental logo design featuring a dental molar tooth shape with a colorful and vibrant city scenery featuring homes, the business distinct, community, parks & bridge all combined together to capture …

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Metro City Subway

Clean and modern cityscape and residential buildings created with overlapping colorful lines. The lines create the impression of the buildings, curve and overlapping each other below the city line to …

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Real Estate Central

Fun and hip real estate logo design. Commercial and residential buildings are created with geometrical 3D shapes and arranged in a circular design. Each segment of the circular design is …


Love Cloud

Simple lines create a beautiful stylized looping cloud with a looping heart in the center of the cloud design. (clouds, heart, shape, sky, love, outdoor, skyline, summer, clean, season, puffy, …

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Martini City

Fun and energizing logo design featuring five martini glasses joined together to create a nightlife cityscape impression within the white space of this cool logo. (nightlife, cocktail bar, cocktail, bar, …


City Cityscape

Clean and modern logo design that features an array of colorful elements that are positioned to create a circular design of skyscraper commercial buildings. (abstract, architecture, building, business, city, cityscape, …


West Side Condo

Clean, modern and classy logo design that combines several skyscraper buildings together to form the impression of the letter “W”. (building, business, tower, abstract, skyscraper, downtown, town, apartment, corporate, urban, …

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