Second Floor Staircase Real Estate Logo For Sale

Real estate logo design featuring a simple and clean design of a house roof. The roof is designed with two staircases. The angled staircases create the angled roof peak with a window positioned in the middle. The design is bold, clean and modern and will set your real estate business apart. (abstract, abstraction, color, colorful, modern, art, pattern, concept, building, urban, business, skyscraper, downtown, tower, office buildings, town, city skyscrapers, estate, skyline, buildings, york, architecture, city, scape, skyline, condor, real estate, realtor, real estate, agent, home, house, window, development, apartments, floor, stairs, staircase, steps, climb, gold, golden, regal, upscale, luxury, sophisticated, residential, dwelling, 3D, level)

Created: 03/30/2014