Cedar Care Vet

Unique veterinarian logo design featuring a curving stream or river that flows to create the impression of three animals, a dog, cat and a rabbit are hidden within the white …


Elite Pets

Cute illustrative happy and friendly husky dog with a heart symboled collar. A leaf crest design frames the dog’s head to create an elite emblem design. (pet, care, veterinarian, symbol, …


Siberian Tiger Heraldry

Strong, stylized rendering of Siberian Tiger Heraldry standing up on its hind legs (lion, vector, head, king, mascot, brand, royal, corporate, animal, aggression, beast, majestic, courage, old, mythology, africa, shape, …


Lyonesse Lion

Strong, stylized rendering of lion in a stylized front view position. The lion’s body creates a soft curved “S” shape. (lion, king, royal, animal, beast, majestic, courage, mythology, africa, shape, …

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Arrowhead Contractors

Bold and distinctive tiger face. The tiger is designed with a arrowhead in the tiger’s mouth. (face, head, animal, wildcat, Siberian, mammal, male, feline, striped, strength, cat, elegance, wild, nature, …

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