Fly Higher

Bright and vibrant stylized person figure flying a kite with colorful ribbons flowing from the kite to create a joyful and energetic fun logo design. (kite, sky, design, fly, banner, …


Windy Fox

Soft flowing and airy lines create the impression of a running fox animal. The fox is designed with streaming lines, which create the feeling of the wind blowing as well …

Logo Sold

Whiskers & Fur

This is modern and simple design hat creatively incorporates a dog and cat into one unified compact design. The cat image is nested below/in font of a running dog. The …


Super Dog

Fun stylized running, leaping, flying dog/puppy wearing a red superhero cape. (dog, puppy, pet care, happy, fun, playful, dog trainer, spots, running, jumping, leaping, cape, red, illustration, superhero, imagination, creative, …


Deerly Deer

Modern and stylized deer leaping over the company name. The stylistic qualities of this design create a beautiful abstract piece. The deer’s antlers contain flourishing bursts of subtle color, which …



Strong and distinctive design of a impala/deer or antelope. This design is very powerful and elegant. (africa, african, amboselli, animal, antelope, beautiful, beauty, deer, environment, gazelle, horn, impala, mammal, nature, …


Leap Rabbit

Stylized multi coloured leaping rabbit. (leap, leaping, jump, animal, rabbit, fast, creative, colour, media, speed, fun, running, learning, wild, design, bunny, hop, bold) Created: 02/06/2014


Leopard System

Abstract leopard created with abstract brush stokes to create the impression of a leopard running/leaping fast. (watercolour, creative, fast, running, animal, jaguar, creative, weaves, flow, leap, cat, beast, angry, aggressive, …