Kid Flying Kite Freedom Charity Logo For Sale

Bright and vibrant stylized person figure flying a kite with colorful ribbons flowing from the kite to create a joyful and energetic fun logo design. (kite, sky, design, fly, banner, summer, soaring, outdoor, freedom, wind, toy, relax, style, vacation, leisure, activity, clean, shape, high, free, joy, happy, hover, air, ribbon, sparkle, sun, sunny, sunlight, shooting star, gliding, soaring, soar, airliner, flight, flying, lift, takeoff, lifting, blowing, windy, person, girl, figure, people, running, jumping, reach, learning, achievements, education, skills, charity, not for profit, bursting, excitement, overjoy, amusement, child, kids, youthful, youth, leaping, jump, abstract, modern, play, playing, playful, whimsical, colorful, bold, vibrant, energy, energetic)

Created: 06/01/2016