Embrace Birth Center

Beautiful, soft and whimsical logo design that depicts a beautiful little baby growing in the mother’s womb. Soft curving natural design with flowing lines and growing leaves creates a peaceful …

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Forge Fit Cross Training

Bold, clean and abstract logo design thats created with geometrical shapes that are merged together to create this shield-like logo design with three connecting pointing arrows that point to the …


Lulu & Ella

Cute and adorable fox and cat curled up and cuddling together. A little grey sleeping cat is tucked under the fox’s tail. The fox and cat are designed in a …

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Growing Families

Family and home logo design concept featuring four family members with two parents and two children. The parent figure’s arms are joined together with a house created between them within …

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Prestigious, upscale and modern design of a Roman Soldier wearing a distinctive style roman helmet. Bold flowing shapes create this powerful logo. (roman, soldier, warrior, spartan, armor, man, ancient, helmet, …


Nurturing Parenting

Love, care and nurture is represented in this beautiful logo design of two parents caring for their child. The heart that they’re holding is representative of a child or baby. …


Shield Surveillance

Clean, abstract and modern design of a stylized shield. The inner lines that divide the shield create the impression of an eye within the center of the design. Note: the …


I Am Green

Simple, abstract design that visually represents the world and green earth concept. An abstract person is incorporated in this design, which is represented by the “i”. This design explores the …


World Cube

Simple, abstract design that visually represents the world and green earth concept. This design shows an abstract earth/world design, which is created in a cube shape. Simple geometrical leaves emerge …