Embrace Family Birth Center Logo Sold

Beautiful, soft and whimsical logo design that depicts a beautiful little baby growing in the mother’s womb. Soft curving natural design with flowing lines and growing leaves creates a peaceful and nurturing logo for a birthing center or midwives. (tree, love, baby, womb, human, inside, birthing, birth, fetus, female, medical, biological, birth, body, child, cord, development, embryo, family, fetal, growth, life, medicine, motherhood, new, newborn, born, placenta, pregnancy, pregnant, prenatal, reproduction, stage, umbilical, uterus, woman, letter c, embrace, nurture, vine, leaf, leaves, modern, sophisticated, classy, elegant, blue, soft, proaction, protect, infant, midwife, midwives)

Created: 02/27/2017