Yoga Roots

Elegant, contemporary and modern yoga logo design. Design features a circular sphere shape design with arching lines creating the impression of a globe. Simple leaf elements are placed around the …


Tanits Healing

Modern, elegant and abstract logo design depicting the goddess Tanits, who represents the goddess of the moon. To capture the moon essence, we’ve created the goddesses figure’s head with a …

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Ganesha Acupuncture

Classy, modern and elegant hindu Ganesha zen logo design. The Ganesha elephant is designed in a sitting position nested in the middle of a beautiful blooming lotus flower. The elephant …

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Holistic Yoga Healing

Yoga pose, with their hands reaching upwards to create a lotus flower petal design. (yoga, fit, fitness, pose, gym, sport, stretch, person, health, human, spirit, instructor, female, recreation, lady, figure, …