Ganesha Logo Sold

Classy, modern and elegant hindu Ganesha zen logo design. The Ganesha elephant is designed in a sitting position nested in the middle of a beautiful blooming lotus flower. The elephant has it’s eyes closed in a spiritual meditating pose, with a unique floral headdress/crown on it’s head. The elephant’s hands are facing outward with a single pink heart on each hand. A golden sun/aura surrounds the elephant. (ganesha, lord, krishna, idol, indian, ganpati, art, india, card, decoration, decor, decorated, ceremony, peace, culture, hinduism, god, om, graphic, lotus, designs, ethnic, dharma, Asia, spirituality, illustration, creativity, yoga, vishnu, relax, wedding, religion, harmony, buddha, ancient, ornate, silhouette, meditation, prayer, religion, spiritual, flower, luxury, modern, classy, aura, sun, golden, gold, royal, king, queen, animal, elephant, love, acupuncture, holistic, spa, retreat, zen, meditation, mediate, relax, rejuvenate, rest, sophisticated, bold, feminine, beauty, beautiful)

Created: 11/23/2016