Maple Leaf Dental

Beautiful dental themed logo design featuring a stylized combination of a dental molar tooth shape and a stylish maple leaf in the middle. The maple leaf is designed with an …

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Canada Cannabis

Bold, modern and unique Canadian threaded medical cannabis logo design. The logo design uniquely combines a Canadian maple leaf with a cannabis leaf pant to create this compact and distinctive …

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Canadian Wheat Farms

Canadian themed logo design featuring a maple leaf that’s designed with growing wheat/farming field crops. The design is framed with a circular chest that represents a golden sunny sun. (canada, …

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Maple Valley Raccoon

Unique raccoon face creatively combined with a Canadian maple leaf to create the impression of a cute raccoon’s face. (racoon, raccoon, face, style, minimal, head, coon, portrait, trend, modern, creative, …

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Canadian Real Estate

Creative design that incorporates the Canadian flag to create the roof of the home. (mortgage, broker, Canadian, home, house, real estate, agent, property, development, flag, Canada, quebec, ontario, Toronto, roof, …

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Maple View Real Estate

Two connecting geometric, maple leaf elements with the white space within the center of the design creating the impression of homes/houses. (leaf, canada, icon, canadian, flag, red, national, white, north, …

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