Canadian Wheat Farming Logo For Sale

Canadian themed logo design featuring a maple leaf that’s designed with growing wheat/farming field crops. The design is framed with a circular chest that represents a golden sunny sun. (canada, leaf, day, Canadian, national, regina, north, Ottawa, symbol, maple, pride, nation, stem, parliament hill, patriotic, geography, proud, maple leaf, patriot, wheat, field, harvesting, harvest, grain, barley, farm, bread, ear, flour, crop, rye, organic, golden, grow, grass, seed, plant, sprout, rural, ripe, natural, agriculture, autumn, yellow, summer, straw, countryside, season, stem, agricultural, healthy, growth, cultivated, nature, land, food, landscape, crest, seal, association, official, circle, line, linear, leaf, leaves, garden, horizon, sun, sunshine, sunny, sunset, dawn)

Created: 06/30/2016