Milk Company Farm

Natural, fun and whimsical blue cow logo. Stylized rendering of a cow is designed with whimsical and swirling cow prints to add uniqueness and style to this daily milk cow …


Branded Cow

Modern and unique cow logo design featuring a line drawn cow design, with the body of the cow designed to look like the cow has been branded with the logo …

Logo Sold


Fun and modern design of a business briefcase that is designed to resemble a bee. A pocket is situated in the front with a few business items (paper, report, tablet/smart …

Logo Sold

handbag Shop

Clean, classy and modern design that features two stylish handbags that are stacked on top of one another. The details on the lower bag creates the of a store front …


Vintage Handbag

Unique vintage style fashion handbag design. The handbag is designed with a flower petals that overlap to create the impression of the handbag (handbag, bag, fabric, clothing, pouch, glamour, old, …