Soft, graceful and meaningful person figure tree logo design. The figure is designed in an elegant flowing style with the person’s arms creating a heart shape with their arms over …

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Holi’s Home Daycare

Whimsical, modern and fresh tree logo that uniquely combines two hands. The trunk of the tree is crated with an adult’s hand and a child’s hand, which are placed together …

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Desert Rose

Playful and whimsical cactus logo design. The design of the cactus is stylistically deigned with a natural leaf pattern contained within the cactus shape. Simple blooming flowers are growing from …

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Motion Gear Tree

Different shapes and colored gears make this cool and unique tree logo design. The key message of this logo is to depict motion, movement, mechanics and learning. (idea, mind, modern, …

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Autumn Home Care

Single beautiful autumn tree standing tall on a hill. Outstretched branches with different colored leaves in autumn colors. (autumn, tree, seasonal, leaf, season, leafs, foliage, natural, floral, ornament, brown, woods, …

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Full Bloom

Logo design that creatively combines a tree and a three tier cake together to create this unique eye catching design. The tree branches are incorporated into the cake as if …

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Cake Garden

Beautiful elegant logo design featuring stacked terracotta clay pots that create the cake tiers with beautiful simple garden flowers that are used to decorate the cake in the garden theme. …

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