Meraki Logo Sold Logo Mood

Soft, graceful and meaningful person figure tree logo design. The figure is designed in an elegant flowing style with the person’s arms creating a heart shape with their arms over their head. The person is divided into two halves/colors to represent the person’s soul, a distinct entity separate from the body. Bursting around the arms and heart shape are simple leaf shapes that create the impression/concept of a growing tree. (heart, healthy, happy, people, human, man, woman, female, feminine, concept, conceptual, heal, care, silhouette, medical, love, medicine, protection, stylized, clinical, spa, holistic, caring, nurture, maternity, maternal, lifestyle, heart shape, romance, wellness, women, spiritual, soulful, growth, grow, tree, leafs, beauty, ribbon, breast, cancer, not for profit, charity, youth, youthful, spiritual, modern, sophisticated, classy, luxury, meditate, meditation, vitality, harmony, cosmetic, relax, dermatology, plant, ascetics, slim, weight loss, skin, diet, foundation)

Created: 07/05/2017