Bullion Golden Bull

Bold, modern, and decorative bull face and horns that are transformed into a golden crescent moon shape. This logo is beautifully shaded with different golden shades to add depth and …

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Legal Group Consulting

Legal law firm logo design featuring the lady of justice holding up the scales of justice with two people representing the people, the firm and the alliance. (law, law firm, …

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Astraea Law Firm

Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated legal law firm logo. Logo features a woman figure designed to represent Astraea, the ancient goddess of law and justice. The woman goddess is designed to …

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Eagle Eyes

Unique winged eagle and shield combination. Contained within the shield/eagle design is the front view of an eagle’s face with bold eyes and beak. This is a distinctive and bold …

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Gold Pier Law firm

Prestigious eagle logo design that’s combined with a column pedestal. The eagle is designed with opened spanned wings with the eagle’s body combined with the column to create a bold …

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Law Book Column

Simple design of a column podium with an open book resting on top of the column. (column, pillar, greek, roman, podium, museum, stone,rome, ancient, culture, bank, law, capital, business, architectural, …

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