Bullion Golden Bull

Bold, modern, and decorative bull face and horns that are transformed into a golden crescent moon shape. This logo is beautifully shaded with different golden shades to add depth and …


Esteemed Real Estate

Elegant, sophisticated and professional real estate development logo design that combines a commercial building and residential home real estate together to create this compact luxury real estate logo design. Simple …

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Lavish Pets

Prestigious royal heraldry dog logo design. The dog is designed in a stylized and elegant style that creates a bold and modern look. The sophisticated dog is designed within an …


Growing Families

Family and home logo design concept featuring four family members with two parents and two children. The parent figure’s arms are joined together with a house created between them within …

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Unified POS System

Scattered overlapping dots create a unique pattern, which represent processing and flow of information. (pattern, dotted, dot, twirl, sphere, vortex, shape, artistic, tunnel, abstract, ornamental, whirl, ellipse, ball, circle, spotted, …


Rampant Royal Horse

Prestigious rampant royal golden horse logo design. The horse is designed in a stylized and elegant style that creates a bold and modern look. The sophisticated horse is designed within …


Real Estate Home

This is a Modern abstract design. A home outline is created within the white space of this real estate logo design. (home, real estate, agency, agent, community, network, retirement home, …


Harp City Building

Clean, simple and distinctive design that combines a simple hard shape design with a capital skyscraper commercial building together to create this bold dynamic design. (Acoustic, chord, classic, classical harp, …


White Fence Real Estate

Clean and modern design that combines a picket fence and houses. The fence is designed to look like a row of houses/homes. (roof, concept, arch, abstract, housing, apartment, property, horizon, …

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