Rampant Royal Horse Company Logo For Sale

Prestigious rampant royal golden horse logo design. The horse is designed in a stylized and elegant style that creates a bold and modern look. The sophisticated horse is designed within an encompassing arch crest shape. (animal, armor, arms, badge, blazon, classic, coat, corona, crest, crown, design, element, emblem, heraldic, heraldry, hoof, horn, horse, insignia, majestic, mane, medieval, mythological, nobility, noble, ornate, rampant, royal, shape, shield, silhouette, strength, style, symbol, unicorn, stars, wild horse, stallion, wildlife, mythical, standing, fantasy, golden, regal, elegant, classy, luxury, sophisticated, masculine, fancy, hind legs, creature, animal, proud, financial, later, coat of arms, traditional, manly, nodal, pegasus, ornate, investment, golden)

Created: 11/17/2015