Boom Bot Music

Fun, bold and unique robot boom box logo design that combines a music stereo box and robot character together. The 3D style design and bold gradient colors create a bold …


Spring Fox

Abstract, bold and stylized jumping fox logo design. The leaping fox is designed in a colorful style incorporating a bold gradient of colors that creates a bold striking look. The …


Noble Hops

Unique, striking and distinctive lion face logo design with the lion’s mane designed to look like hops humulus lupulus seeds. This beer themed lion crest style logo design will set …


Old Mill Brewing Co.

Sleek, bold and modern beer brewery logo design. This unique logo design combines a tall beer glass with stalks of barley that are designed together to create the impression of …


Little Kangaroo

Cute nurturing mother and baby kangaroo logo design. The little baby kangaroo is nested within the mother’s polka dot pouch. (kangaroo, hop, animal, Australian, australia, baby, mammal, tail, wallaby, character, …

Logo Sold

Australia Outback

Prestigious, upscale and modern design of an elegant and strong kangaroo profile. Simple curving lines create this abstract interpretation of the profile of a kangaroo. The kangaroo is divided into …


Kango Kangaroo

Powerful and dynamic logo design of a jumping kangaroo. The design is clean and modern with the colored lines creating a speeding motion which also help to further imply the …


Leap Rabbit

Stylized multi coloured leaping rabbit. (leap, leaping, jump, animal, rabbit, fast, creative, colour, media, speed, fun, running, learning, wild, design, bunny, hop, bold) Created: 02/06/2014