Modern and artistic representation of a coyote’s face. Various shades of grey’s add depth and personality to this coyote animal logo. (wild, animal, beast, coyote, coywolf, creature, grey, mammal, natural, …


Airborne Auto

Bold, masculine and strong lion face logo design. The face of the lion is created with two bold wings, which are seamlessly incorporated into the face of the lion to …


Lulu & Ella

Cute and adorable fox and cat curled up and cuddling together. A little grey sleeping cat is tucked under the fox’s tail. The fox and cat are designed in a …

Logo Sold

Gold Pier Law firm

Prestigious eagle logo design that’s combined with a column pedestal. The eagle is designed with opened spanned wings with the eagle’s body combined with the column to create a bold …


Cherished Chickadee

Clean and modern black-capped chickadee bird perched on a heart-shaped tree branch. The cute bird is elegantly designed with clean lines that create a stylized bird logo design. (bird, black, …


Grey Owl

Abstract design of a unique cute owl. (owl, animal, tribal, bird, abstract, decorative, decoration, wise, ornate, wild, wildlife, nature, wings, flying, grey, character, mascot, geometric, geometrical, stylized, birdie) Created: 03/24/2012


Une Chatte

Unique concept that combines the eiffel tower and a cat. (eiffel, tower, fashion, french, France, travel, paris, destinations, landmark, culture, symbolic, history, tourist, illustration, tall, place, famous, ile-de-france, design, architecture, …


Manchester Castle

Clean, modern logo design of a castle design with the letter “M” created within the white space and angled walls of the castle design. (chateau, fortress, restoration, tower, medieval, housing, …