Pure Yoga

The yoga figure is designed/created using squalling lines. (Yoga, studio, wellness, female, women, mediation, relaxation, lotus pose, posture, exercise, girl, body, figure, healthy, health, mind, wellbeing, religion, fitness, spiritual, Lotus …


Spectral Lightbulb

Modern and abstract lightbulb created with connecting patterns (social media, connection, dotes, pattern, social, bulb, lightbulb, idea, smart, creative, energy, eco, solar, future, networking, data, mulitmedia, technology, idea, communication, electricity, …

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Cheerful People

Bright colourful abstract people flow together to create an abstract floral design. (abstract, human, teamwork, group, work, woman, man, success, shape, team, design, colorful, child, idea, community, people, dance, female, …


Encompass Healing

Natural, holistic and healing logo representing the Caduceus with a stylized & natural feel. (caduceus, medical, aesculapius, pharmaceutical, aid, wellness, practitioner, sign, symbol, insurance, hermes, traditional, medicine, health care, insignia, …

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Beauteous Cosmetics

Prestigious, upscale and luxury design that transforms a beautiful woman figure into a blossoming butterfly. The design is contained within a circle. The entire design commands attention with this bold, …

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True Essence Beauty

A beautiful woman emerges from a beautiful botanical garden. This logo plays of the idea of the garden of eden by incorporating eve in this natural design. Bight pinks greens …

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