Beauteous Woman Logo Sold

Prestigious, upscale and luxury design that transforms a beautiful woman figure into a blossoming butterfly. The design is contained within a circle. The entire design commands attention with this bold, dynamic and unique mythical female figure. (fashion, fashionable, clothing, vogue, glitter, glamor, boutique, people, mannequin, posing, contour, dress, collection, elegance, art, romance, females, pretty, sexy, wings, model, podium, luxury, modern, lady, women, beauty, figurine, high-fashion, angel, flying, religion, classical, goddess, mythology, muse, mythological, golden, aura, orb, trophy, statue, salon, spa, arch angel, guardian angel, messenger, spirit, divine, spiritual, supernatural, calligraphy, gold, metallic, classy, luxury, god, pamper, figure, butterfly, circular, lady, female, pretty, beautiful, majestic, gold, golden, statue, women, elegant, elegance, royal, modern, holistic)

Created: 06/23/2015