Caring Hands

A pair of gentle nurturing hands create the wings of a dove. The dove is created with simple clean lines to create a soft and peaceful appearance. The bird is …

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Pathway Church

Curving pathway flows seamlessly though a green meadow landscape with mountain scenery in the background. A Cross is contained within the sun rays that shines over the land. (hill, field, …

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Bodhi Mind

Stylized, abstract interpretation of a Buddha figure in a spiritual medication pose. (buddha, buddhism, zen, dream, art, india, wisdom, japan, shine, sculpture, oriental, pray, wise, enlightenment, statue, culture, symbol, head, …


Freedom Hummingbird

Two beautiful stylized humming birds create a church within the white space the design. (church, faith, baptist, religion, christianity, orthodoxy, human, orthodox, pray, history, believe, belief, spirituality, religious, bible, believer, …