Pathway Church Logo Sold

Curving pathway flows seamlessly though a green meadow landscape with mountain scenery in the background. A Cross is contained within the sun rays that shines over the land. (hill, field, pathway, path, spring, mountain, green, outdoors, sky, curved path, meadow, view, day, horizontal, panoramic, horizon, clouds, beauty in nature, tranquil scene, horizon over land, green mountain, pasture, growth, rural scene, travel destination, scenic, way forward, tranquility, nature, land, green landscape, exterior, landscape, church, cross, jesus, faith, sunlight, shine, catholicism, green, christian, study, resurrection, life, symbol, calvary, template, god, light, hoping, glow, sun, spirituality, religious, heaven, stigma, illustration, icon, crucifix, bible, biblical, good, baptist, gospel, christ, sunset, crucifixion, religion, organizations, charity, foundation, sun, sun ray, sunny, dawn, sunrise, sunset, golden, god, winding, church, religious, religion, faith, road, destination, rocky)

Created: 09/22/2015