Space Whiz Nerd

Modern and fun nerd logo design featuring an open box created to look like the head of a happy smiling nerd character. The nerd box character is wearing a pair …


Chiwawa Nerd

Happy, cute, little chihuahua nerd dog character logo design. The image/design of the chihuahua dog is created with colorful overlapping lines with the dog wearing a pair of bold circular …


Geek Squid

Fun octopus nerd character logo design featuring a bold and colorful squid emerging from behind the name. This happy aquatic sea creature is wearing a pair of nerdy glasses to …

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DJ Nerd

Bold techno DJ style nerd character face logo design. The nerd’s glasses are designed in a 3D dynamic style with the nerds hair represented by sound bar equalizers and sliders. …

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Nerd Live TV

Bold and modern design featuring a TV with an antenna that’s designed to look like a TV nerd character. A pair of nerdy eyeglasses are added to the TV screen …

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Pocket Tools Nerd

Cute funny nerd character logo. The nerd’s face is designed to give the impression of a blue pocket filled with various tools such as screw driver, gear, wrench and pencil. …


USB Nerd

Tech savvy nerd character created with simple clean lines that represent cable cords and USB connections. The lines are utilized to form the impression of the nerd’s face, glasses and …


Smart Girl Nerd

Sweet nerdy girl character. (girl, student, cartoon, school, nerd, glasses, smiling, woman, teen, cute, university, portrait, person, feminine, female, nerdy, young, holding, education, teenager, cheerful, boy, lens, eyeglasses, frames, bow …


Nerd Shades

No nerd is complete without their cool nerd glasses! Bright and vibrate stripes, of blues, greens, yellow and orange colors fill the glass lenses to add an extra punch, bringing …