Once In A Bloom Moon

Bloomoing leaf and florals create this beautiful crescent moon Logo. A heart is placed in the centre of the crescent moon.(moon, crescent, half, night, astronomy, celestial, dark, dream, leaf, leaves, …



Beautiful Floral and ornate design. Floral outer space crescent moon with orbital leaf branch/shooting star is flowing around the crescent moon. abstracts stars are place around to further enhance the …


Unicorn Sparkles

Cute, fun and magical unicorn logo design featuring a simplistic modern happy and smiling white unicorn horse with yellow pink and blue hair and multicoloured sparkles. (unicorn, head, magical, rainbow, …


Bright Star Learning

Fun, whimsical and imaginative ladder tree logo design featuring a young child climbing a ladder, reaching upward to reach for a star in the sky. The design is comprised of …

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Night Fall Bird

Magical majestic soaring bird flying up into the night sky. The bird’s wings sparkle with stars and crescent moon. This bird logo design emits an enchanting, mythical & spiritualistic appearance …



Vibrant and bright and energetic tree people tree logo featuring three stylized people figures that form the tree trunk with bursting tree leaves and colourful spirals creating the canopy of …

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Lazy Pets

Cute and adorable sleeping lazy pet logo design that features a cat or dog animal cuddling up and realizing above the company name. (tiredness, cat, baby, fun, mammal, paw, sweet, …


Luna Cafe

Whimsical and artistic moon and sun logo design. The stylized sun and moon are combined together to create a unique and magical design. (sun, moon, mystic, woodcut, eyes, sky, face, …

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Brighter Learning

Bright and vibrant educational themed logo! This logo features a stylized happy figure is the centre of this circular design. various symbols and graphical emblems form together to create this …