City Cake Bakery

Fun, modern and hip cake bakery themed logo design. The logo features a four tier design of colourful stacked cakes that are designed to look like a cityscape building structure. …


Plexus Einstein

Unique einstein character face design that abstractly depicts Albert Einstein’s face using geometrical connected shapes and lines to create the face. The design signifies knowledge, technology and connectivity. (Einstein, professor, …



Modern geometrical line drawn logo design featuring an abstract continuous line design that creates this interconnecting overlapping box design. The design represents data flow, connectivity, communication and technology. (framework, geometry, …


Liquid Chat

Abstract chat bubble logo created with four irregular shaped communication speech bubbles that are posited together to create a circular shape. The liquid elements could also look like an abstract …


Open Data

Modern data technology and interface logo design with rounded edge triangles placed together to create a circular “O” shaped design. Connecting lines intersect through the triangular pattern to represent data …


Turtle Shell Technology

Innovative and unique technology turtle logo design. The entire turtle is designed with circuitboard lines that interconnect and seamlessly flow together to create the formation of this distinctive tortoise logo. …


The Fancy Bug

Cute and sweet design of a stylish lady bug. (ladybug, spring, charms, childish, simple, cute, insect, friendly, nature, bug, fancy, polkadots, dots, animal) Created: 03/20/2012


Ingenious Solutions

Magic genie lamp with colorful polka dots emerging from the genie lamp. This a creative and unique logo design that will add style and uniqueness to your business! (magic, idea, …


Berry Plums Tree

Beautiful, elegant logo design Flowing graceful lines join together to form this beautiful bursting leaf tree design. Hints of soft plum colorful accents are placed throughout to add a pop …