Plenum Global

Modern and simplistic moon and globe logo. A modern crescent moon is designed within the globe stand. Simple stars flow around the crescent moon. (Globe, world, terrestrial, history, compass, base, …


Sweet Life Tree

Unique, modern and elegant tree logo design that uniquely combines several different imageries into one design. In this logo a beautiful stylized tree and tree roots are depicted within the …


Shoal Lights

Whimsical seaside lighthouse logo design. The layers of the background and triangle shape are created with layers that represent the ocean waves in the foreground with the additional layers creating …

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Rhombus Jewelry

Elegant and abstract diamond jewelry logo design. Clean looping lines are used to create the impression of this sophisticated and luxurious sparking diamond logo. (diamond, design, jewelry, premium, quality, jewelry, …


Point of View Coaching

Directional compass person figure as the center focus. The arms and legs of the person create the compass points. The design represent direction and guidance. (human, concept, happiness, symbol, parent, …

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Social people Cube

Several geometrical shapes representing connecting people. (Cube, abstract, 3D, three dimensional, design, compass, navigational, people, connect, community, network, geometric, block, box, building, concept, creativity, crowd, form, pattern, colorful, pieces, puzzle, …


6 points Leaf

Colorful interconnecting leafs create a unique logo brand. With a color change this design could also be transformed into a snow flake design. (abstract, art, colorful, creative, flora, floral, flourishes, …


Solar Sun

Modern overlapping shapes form and create a sun shape design or diamond design. (sun, sunset,sunlight, shape, solar, shine, weather, hot, summer, heat, sunbeam, warm, sunrise, yellow, bright, sunny, orange, ray, …

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Rose Diamond

Unique diamond inspired shapes created to look like a rose flower. (flower, pedal, geometrical, rose, blossom, floral, petty, box, prism, jewel, pixels, hexagon, pink, tiles, interlocking, soft, modern, mosaic, wedding, …