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Directional compass person figure as the center focus. The arms and legs of the person create the compass points. The design represent direction and guidance. (human, concept, happiness, symbol, parent, environmental, ecology, people, abstract, person, harmony, silhouette, compassion, road, pathway, path, way, travel, business, route, graphic, service, idea, speed, company, burst, spark, fireworks, joy, success, accomplishment, rejoice, way finder, foundation, charity, not for profit, coach, coaching, mentor, accomplishment, school, daycare, learning, preschool, kindergarten, study, tutor, tutoring, church, religion, idea, sun, sunlight, solar, sunshine, sun ray, sunny, sunset, sunrise, life coaching, motivation coaching, compass, journey, north, east, adventure, destination, nautical, map, latitude, arrow, sign, south, longitude, star, graphic, windrose, discovery, ship, old, black, shape, flat, illustration, object, cartography, world, orientation, wind, web, orienteering, direction, design, exploration, navigator, geography, west, pictogram, topography, image, single, navigation)

Created: 10/19/2015