Cognition Nerd

Modern, fun and unique nerd character logo design. The nerd character is designed in a clean simple line style with the upper portion of the nerd’s head and brain designed …


Loggerhead Fasteners

Industrial fasteners logo design of gear/fastener bolt created in an abstract style to look like a turtle. The spokes of the gear represent the turtle’s head, arms and tail. In …


Fasteners Solutions

Industrial fasteners logo design created with geometrical shapes that create an abstract design of a bolt/fastener. This bold logo design can also represent other industrial industries such as construction, fabrication, …

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Blue Bird Animation

This unique logo design uses gear shapes to create the bird body and face. (abstract, animal, bird, cartoon, character, cute, humming, humor, social, social network, speech, tweet, twitter, wing, zoo, …


Robox Robot

Clean, simple and bold design representation of a robot in a box/cube shape. (robot, space, tech, icon, character, future, head, mechanical, technology, computer, equipment, retro, futuristic, science, machine, cyborg, industry, …

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E Force Shield

Bold and modern design that combines a shield, gear and the letter e. (shield, icon, steel, machinery, power, tools, defense, circle, technology, security, gear, insignia, equipment, protection, industrial, safety, design, …