Jupiter Spa

Beautiful Jupiter planet with different layers. A stylized tree blowing in the wing wraps around the Jupiter planet. (planet, Jupiter, solar system, planets, galaxy, star, spa, tree, leaves, blowing, discovery, …


Lion Breeze Landscaping

Elegant and sophisticated lion face logo design featuring the front view of a lion’s face and mane. The Lion’s mane is blowing in the breeze with Stylized leaves flowing and …


Fly Higher

Bright and vibrant stylized person figure flying a kite with colorful ribbons flowing from the kite to create a joyful and energetic fun logo design. (kite, sky, design, fly, banner, …


Airliner Kite

Bright and vibrant flying kite logo design created with different shades of oranges and blues to create this uplifting and airy kite logo design. A shooting bright star or sun, …


Swan Lake Dental

Unique and natural dental logo design that combines an elegant swan and natural leafy elements to create the impression of dental molar tooth.(dental, dentist, tooth, medical, dent, spring, leaf, oral, …


Spring Breeze Dental

Two stylized people figures, create the impression of a stylized dental tooth shape. The two figures also create the trunk of a tree, with growing colorful tree leaves blowing in …

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Windy Fox

Soft flowing and airy lines create the impression of a running fox animal. The fox is designed with streaming lines, which create the feeling of the wind blowing as well …

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Windy Tree

Beautiful and elegant tree gracefully blowing, swirly and swaying in the windy breeze. (tree, wind, leaf, blowing, fall, branch, autumn, ornament, trunk, season, plant, nature, abstract, windy) Created: 04/21/2012


Culture Waves Flag

Stylized whimsical people figures create the impression of a waving flag. (flagpole, flag, banner, wind, wave, movement, advertise, sign, wavy, shape, blowing, exhibition, motion, outdoors, flag pole, people, culture, diversity, …