Polar Lights

Modern, bold and unique polar bear logo design featuring a beautiful white sitting polar bear gazing upward with it’s eyes closed. Beautiful radiating beams of glowing aurora lights glow from …


Windy Fox

Soft flowing and airy lines create the impression of a running fox animal. The fox is designed with streaming lines, which create the feeling of the wind blowing as well …

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Fish Net

Stylized fishing lines flow together to create a simple stylized fish! (fish, fisherman, catch, net, water, river, fisher, arctic, fishing, freshwater, sea, fresh, lines, abstract, aquarium, animal) Created: 11/30/2011


Penguin Greetings

This beautiful elegant logo design of a penguin is created with flowing lines and swirls to create the unique penguin image. The penguin has an envelope/letter is it’s beak for …


Pixel Mountain

Bold, strong and modern logo design of a mountain scape that’s created with different colored square boxes/pixels (mountain, white, rock, rocky, alps, peak, nature, landscape, mountain, alpine, adventure, summit, hill, …


Glacial Penguin

Elegant, stylized and modern logo of a penguin bird designed in front of a block of ice. (penguin, animal, ice, snow, frozen, cold, bird, season, modern, illustration, climate, winter, beauty, …


Snowflake Natural Tree

Natural, rustic tree with the top portion created to resemble a winter snowflake. The the branches/snowflake extensions are created within the white space of the leaves. (snowflake, snow, white, cut, …


Pacific Ocean Whale

This logo design was created with a top portion of a Canadian Maple leaf that resembles the ice cap mountains of the Arctic. The lower portion of the design has …


Ice Fortress Castle

Modern, bold and unique design that combines a castle fortress and icy mountain to create a unified design. (tower, fortress, knight, fort, kingdom, building, guards, design, ancient, solid, medieval, flag, …

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