Polar Lights Aurora Borealis Polar Bear Logo For Sale

Modern, bold and unique polar bear logo design featuring a beautiful white sitting polar bear gazing upward with it’s eyes closed. Beautiful radiating beams of glowing aurora lights glow from behind the polar bear against a dark night blue sky. The Aurora northern lights illuminate the polar bear to create a magical look. The design is bold, modern and unique and can be used for a wide array of different businesses. (aurora, colorful, silhouette, winter, space, sky, astronomy, aurora boreal, aurora borealis, back lit, cold, lights, multicolor, north America, northern lights, twilight, vibrant, teal, blue, green, polar bear, Canada, night, illustration, polar, glow, arctic, habitat, outdoors, adventure, pole, wildlife, animal, character, mascot, snow, mammal, bold, modern, unique, distinctive, graph, shine)

Created: 08/01/2018