Jelly Fish

Modern and abstract interpretation of a jelly fish created with simple abstract geometrical shapes to create the formation of a jelly fish. (jelly fish, fish, jellyfish, creature, medusa, ocean, sea, …



Bold and modern logo design featuring a stylized octopus tentacle. The swirling design of the tentacle creates a wave-like design, while also representing a weather storm designed to look like …


Mermaid Oceanic

Beautiful illustrative mermaid woman logo design with the beautiful whimsical mermaid woman swimming with an ocean dolphin. The dolphin and the mermaid are designed in a curing shape to create …



Bold and fun cyclops octopus character logo design. The octopus is designed with one large eye with swirling and curing tentacles. Vibrant shades of pinky reds and orange colors are …


Go Fish

Bold and colorful swimming fish logo design with the fish shape created with overlapping colourful shapes and elements. Little bubble polka dots are used to represent the water bubbles from …


Geek Squid

Fun octopus nerd character logo design featuring a bold and colorful squid emerging from behind the name. This happy aquatic sea creature is wearing a pair of nerdy glasses to …

Logo Sold

Sea Gem Jewelry

Elegant and sophisticated profile design of a beautiful flying seahorse. The seahorse is wearing a luxurious crown with jewels and gems added to both the crown and tail. A simple …


Fish Box Media

Four stylized gold fish positioned to create a box/square shape. (fish, gold, river, yellow, aquarium, lake, shape, gear, creativity, brand, marine, fresh, water, fisherman, fishing, animal, wildlife, ocean, box) Created: …


Fish Net

Stylized fishing lines flow together to create a simple stylized fish! (fish, fisherman, catch, net, water, river, fisher, arctic, fishing, freshwater, sea, fresh, lines, abstract, aquarium, animal) Created: 11/30/2011